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Creating a Plan


As a business owner, you want to protect your ownership interest in your business. A Business Succession Plan offers comfort to you, your partners (if applicable), and your family that a plan is in place for a seamless transition process.

The Process
The Premier RIA Network consultant will work with you to establish your goals and objectives for each possible situation, establish a decision making process, create the succession plan, create a business and owner estate plan, and create a transition plan.  Your Plan will be designed to be executed smoothly, in a cost-efficient manner and with a maximum tax benefit.

Traditional business transfer methods include cross-purchase agreements and entity purchase agreements and typically are funded by life insurance.  Life insurance pays immediately upon death, so there are no liquidity or time constraints

If you have a family-owned business the planning process can be complex and emotional, especially if family members are involved. Here are some of the key succession issues we will address:
  •          Transition of the business to the next generation
  •          Alignment of family interests
  •          Create a fair and balanced buyout agreement
  •          Family member disputes
  •          Estate and inheritance issues
Your Advisor will work closely with your business lawyer and accountant in ensuring that the Plan considers all legal and taxation ramifications. 

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