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Due to client demand, 90% of financial services companies are now using social media to connect with their audiences.*  Many journalists, financial industry pundits, human behaviorists and we at Premier RIA Network of PPS Advisors, Inc. agree – wealth managers should engage their audiences through social web marketing to compete in this new world. Digital and mobile content delivery is in extremely high demand by clients, prospects, and the media. More than 91% of Americans have a cell phone, 55% have smartphones, 42% own a tablet, and 34% go online** on their phones to access data.

What do they expect?  According to Boston Technology (March 2014), 67% of clients seek mobile financial education, 63% want anytime access to their advisor, and 63% are willing to meet virtually with their advisor. The content you provide ultimately should be as easy to access and view on their mobile devices as on their computer

As a breakaway advisor, the idea of changing your marketing approach to include blogging, social media, and an ongoing flow of great content may seem daunting. Perhaps you know very little about social media and don’t know how or why it is important to the future of your practice. Your team at Premier RIA Network is prepared to educate you and assist you (with the aid of our experienced outsourced marketing consultants) in establishing simple, cost-effective social web and digital marketing strategies to engage your audiences, obtain direct feedback, create a virtual community, and enhance your brand.  We are enthusiastic about social media and digital marketing based on these fundamental beliefs:

Multiple small interactions lead to interest and loyalty.

When you offer authentically-helpful, audience-centric content via weekly or monthly blog posts, social media posts (i.e. LinkedIn and Facebook), and html emails, you attract, rather than attack. These interactions can help develop a true sense of loyalty to you and your practice, enhance knowledge of your brand promise, increase share of wallet, and be a powerful source of referrals, leads, and enhanced client retention.  In other words, small interactions lead to big interactions.

Social media touches are measurable and informative. 

Free or inexpensive, simple analytics tools (e.g. Google Analytics and Hootsuite) are available to measure your level of engagement with your target audience.  When you observe weak audience engagement or receive direct feedback, you can immediately tweak your content and re-post to help improve your results.  The more traffic you are able to drive to your social media, blog posts, and videos, the greater your SEO or search engine optimization to your main website.

Great content is precious so publish it everywhere.

Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE).  Great content can be difficult and time-consuming to create but is worth the effort. It can be interesting, intriguing, amusing or disturbing.  It may be delivered using multiple media and/or tools that match your target audiences’ habits.  Ideally, your content will subtly reinforce your brand positioning. Once created, your compliance-approved content can be used and repurposed many ways:

  • Blogs and social media posts (e.g. WordPress, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Google+)
  • Website copy and/or videos
  • Html emails contain links to your website
  • At meetings, live events, webcasts, conferences, virtual events
  • In PowerPoint presentations and iPad presentations
  • In PDFs/printed materials, gift items, signage, and event booths
  • U.S. mail pieces
  • On-hold and voice mail messages
  • Public relations and advertising
  • Recruiting


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