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Why You Want to Move

Much has been written in financial industry publications about “breakaway” advisors, a cadre of experienced entrepreneurial producers, who decide that the business approaches, capabilities, and/or constraints of their current employers are no longer their “cup of tea.” In recent years, many such advisors have set out to consider and evaluate different business structures and organizational capabilities that are significantly more supportive of their professional and personal goals and objectives.

Perhaps you have dreamed of transforming your current practice to a model that is much more time-efficient, lucrative, professionally fulfilling, and (why not?) more fun!  While this may seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are thinking of departing a wirehouse, regional, independent, or insurance firm, the starting point is basically the same. Start by answering the question, “What are my goals?  Here are the typical goals that often cause breakaway advisors to finally make a change.

  • Attract new clients; significantly grow Assets Under Management &/or Assets Under Advisement
  • Increase my income and value of my practice
  • Flexibility of an open-architecture hybrid RIA / broker-dealer
  • Be the CEO/owner of my own practice and enhance my professional brand
  • Have a broader array of products and services that I may offer to my HNW clients
  • Provide clients truly un-biased advice and higher level personalized guidance
  • Eliminate certain restrictions currently imposed by my firm
  • Complete legal and compliance support
  • Access to leading-edge, “plug and play” technology and integrated trading platforms
  • Spend less time with administration (HR, accounting, bill paying); spend more time growing the business
  • Receive professional coaching & practice management support from successful, talented experts
  • Access to professional digital marketing, branding and social media services
  • Customized transition support (to help ensure that my clients follow me, with minimal disruption)
  • Be able to monetize my business at retirement or in the case of an unforeseen event
  • Live the lifestyle and have the peace of mind I have always wanted

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